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Our Produce

Family owned and run with years of experience, C & S Ponte Produce provides wholesale fresh food produce for your business.

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Who We Service

Our flexibility in services allow us to work with any customer request. Our customer base includes retailers, providers, supermarkets and processors. 

We deal directly with the Melbourne wholesale market which allows us to monitor our produce and provide the best quality products to all of our customers with efficiency and exceptional customer service.





We’re apart of the Ponte Group

C&S Ponte is a company born of The Ponte Group, a 90-year-old family-owned and operated business. With a foundation procurement and wholesale of fresh produce, exporting, importing and food services we understand the importance of building an environment that is focused on quality produce and customer satisfaction.

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Contact us

We’re located in the Melbourne Market between 12am to 2pm.


Box 139, Melbourne Market, 
35 Produce Drive, Epping VIC

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